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Conversion of Helicopter Licences

Conversion of Helicopter Licences

Many foreign pilots’ licences are not at all or only partially recognised in Europe. To fly in Germany and Europe, you will need to convert your licence. Since 2003, tighter regulations have become applicable. We would be pleased to advise you of the additional flight hours or exams that are required in your case.

CPL(H) and ATPL(H) Licence

Minimum requirements for the validation of licences from non-JAA Member States into licences for commercial air transport and other professional activities

Under certain conditions (with the exception of flight training), a licence from a non-JAA State issued in accordance with ICAO Annex 1 can be recognised by a JAA Member State for use on helicopters registered in that State.

To achieve this, the licence holder must:

  • complete as a skill test, the type rating revalidation requirements of JAR-FCL 2.245 relevant to privileges of the licence held
  • demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the relevant parts of JAR-OPS 3 and JAR-FCL to the competent authority
  • demonstrate knowledge of the English language in accordance with JAR-FCL 2.200 
  • hold a valid JAR-FCL 3  Class 1 medical certificate
  • meet any published additional requirements that the JAA-Member State deems necessary
  • meet the requirements for flight experience in conjunction with the conditions for recognition

The detailed provisions have been clearly summarised in our training brochure here.

PPL(H) Licence

For the transfer of a non-JAA Member State issued private helicopter pilot licence into a private pilot licence in accordance with JARFCL(H), the applicant muss at least: 

  • hold a licence issued in accordance with ICAO Annex 1
  • hold a valid JAR-FCL 3 Class 2 medical certificate 
  • possess a radio telephony certificate that meets the requirements of the competent authority
  • meet the relevant flight experience requirements 

The exact requirements can be found at a glance in our training brochure here.

To acquire a JAR-FCL licence, training credits can be applied for from the respective school due to an existing licence. We would be pleased to talk personally with you and create a customised offer. Credits for exams are however not granted by the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (German Federal Office) (see Appendix 1 to JARFCL 2.015).

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