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Customer Reports about Guimbal Cabri G2
Experience reports:

Guimbal Cabri G2 pilots have their say

Experiences are valuable, especially if they are unembellished and others can benefit from it. “Highest Safety Criteria”, “perfect design”, “easy to use” – experienced pilots who fly with the Cabri G2 say that and more.

Philippe Cologne

Training Manager, former chief pilot of Mont-Blanc Helicopters, flight instructor, examiner for piston and turbine helicopters, helicopter manager at DGAC

Already on my first flight, I was impressed by the Cabri G2’s flight characteristics. As a helicopter pilot with nearly 30 years of experience, flight instructor and examiner, I can say that the technical solutions from the manufacturer exhibit greatly improved safety compared to other light helicopters. The helicopter is beautiful, easy to use and powerful. The interface between man and machine is exquisite, flight control and ergonomics are excellent. Flight management is greatly facilitated by clear and precise displays, with limitations disappearing. Emergency procedures, such as the autorotation, are easy to perform and demonstrate. The Cabri G2 is a remarkable helicopter for demanding pilots and instructors.

Oliver Gensse

Helicopter pilot, test pilot, flight instructor, examiner for piston and turbine helicopters

The fabulous design of this helicopter completely harmonises with the perfect flight feeling. A smooth and well-coordinated control, strong and direct handling, as well as the undoubtedly best autorotation characteristics, cast a dazzling light on the helicopter.

Dennis Kenyon

Flight instructor, former freestyle aviation champion, writer and journalist

Mr. Guimbal’s design is simply extraordinary and therefore it is a great pleasure to fly the Cabri G2. Simple and perfectly coordinated control possibilities, combined with a very direct handling undoubtedly lead to the best autorotation that I have ever seen on such a light helicopter.

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