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FAQ about Helicopter Education

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Does one need special skills to fly a helicopter?

Basically, any healthy person can learn it. Helicopter flying is essentially a motoric skill, like biking, golfing or juggling. Our aim is to teach anyone to fly. Of course, not every student learns at the same speed, but that is not an indicator of who will be a good pilot later on.

When can I start my helicopter pilot training at Heli Transair?

You can start as soon as your application documents are complete. Please refer to the information on the individual courses, to learn more about the required documents to be submitted to the competent regional council.

Can I get a taste of helicopter flying before the start of training?

Certainly. In our trail course, you get a first impression of helicopter flying in theory and practice. You experience the fantastic world of a pilot and can pilot a helicopter yourself! By the way, we see most trial course pilots again in private or commercial pilot training. If you subsequently begin pilot training with us, we apply the trail lesson fees towards the training costs.

Does Heli Transair offer fixed courses or individual training?

Basically, our flight school offers every student a personalised training concept. The possibilities are discussed with you before training begins. Thanks to our great team and multiple training helicopters, we are able to adjust to tight schedules accordingly.

Can I also complete my training at the weekend?

Yes. We are basically ready for take-off at the weekend as well.

How safe is helicopter flying really?

We are at all times aware of our responsibility as flight and training company, therefore flight safety is naturally our utmost priority. Whenever aviation accidents occur, which is extremely rare, man is almost always the cause of the accident.

What is the purpose of simulator training?

To improve our pilot training. In our flight simulator FNPT II, which is modelled after an EC 135, we can train many application scenarios and flight procedures which, for safety reasons, would not be possible in a real helicopter. The systems in the simulator are modelled after a real 135 EC. This allows us to simulate their failure. Our students can gain experience and confidence in simulator training, in order to later react as pilots in emergency situations experienced and accurately.

What training materials do I need?

Each student receives a training flight case with textbooks in all subjects, maps, navigation computer, ruler, flight log, training helicopter manual, catalogue of questions, and much more. With help of a learning CD-ROM, the theoretical material can be worked through more easily.

What type of helicopter am I allowed to fly after my examination?

Our training fleet comprises 4 different helicopter types: Guimbal Cabri G2, Robinson R44, Eurocopter EC 120 and Agusta A109S Grand. The type flown during your training is entered on your licence. If you have chosen training on two different helicopters, both type ratings are entered on your licence, as long as you have done a proficiency check with one of our authorised examiners TRE(H) for the second helicopter type. Additional type ratings can be acquired at any time.

How long is a private helicopter pilot licence valid?

It is valid for 5 years. Thereafter, you have to apply for a revalidation. However, the licence can lose its validity beforehand, if you are no longer medically fit or if your type rating has expired. The frequency in which a medical fitness examination is necessary depends on your age. To extend your type rating after the one year expiry period, you must complete at least two flight hours and a proficiency check with an examiner on the appropriate helicopter type.

Where can I take the mandatory proficiency checks for licence revalidation?

At Heli Transair or any other authorised expert. For licence revalidations, you must provide proof of two verified flying hours yearly, on the appropriate helicopter including a proficiency check and a valid medical certificate.

Can I rent a helicopter at Heli Transair after my training?

Of course. After passing the exam, you can independently charter a helicopter, and fly alone or accompanied by family members and friends. Our large, diligently maintained fleet comprises 4 helicopter types that differ widely in cruising speed, range and seating capacity: Guimbal Cabri G2, Robinson R44, Eurocopter EC 120 and Agusta A109S Grand.

Who looks after me during my helicopter pilot training?

Our instructors are full-time employees. At any time, you therefore have a competent contact person, (also by telephone if necessary), who supports you with knowledge and experience throughout your training.

What are the career prospects for professional helicopter pilots?

It depends heavily on training and skills; general statements are thus hardly possible. However, it is certain: Even upon completion of training, we are committed to our students. We co-operate with other helicopter companies that highly appreciate our graduates. For many student pilots, flight training at Heli Transair therefore pays off very quickly: You are on assignment in Germany and all over Europe.

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