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Helicopter Shuttle Flight
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Helicopter shuttle flights with Heli Transair

Over short distances or far from runways, the fastest alternative is by helicopter: To the Champions League Final in Munich? To the musical in Hamburg? To a meeting in Frankfurt? By helicopter, you reach unforgettable events, tight appointments and remote places with ease!

Various helicopters for different requirements and personal flights

With our helicopters you are always close by: We pick you up from your hotel or company parking lot off and land right on the premises, at the race track or on the golf course. For different demands, we have various helicopter types – from the agile, two-seater Cabri G2, through the versatile EC120, to the comfortable twin-engine Agusta A109 for a maximum of 5 passengers.

There really are many reasons to fly with our new Agusta A109S Grand:

These definitely include, high cruising speed, long range, spaciousness and elegant furnishings. The powerful turbine helicopter is the largest machine in our fleet.

We organise your flight and take care of all formalities. Just tell us when you want to leave, to where you would like to fly and how many passengers are to accompany you. You can reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also put it this way: We are always there for you.

VIP Shuttle Service

The VIP shuttle service from Heli Transair EAS allows you hassle-free travel, both within Germany and elsewhere in Europe. While regular schedules and flight plans are very inflexible and not tailored to your specific needs, with the VIP shuttle service from Heli Transair EAS, you are able to plan your trip individually and adjust it to your schedule.

Save yourself a lot of stress – you simply specify the pick-up location and destination, as well as the time, and Heli Transair EAS organises the details of your trip. With the VIP shuttle, you save lots of time and anxiety, you need not worry about lengthy check-in at the airport, traffic jams on motorways or lengthy customs and passport controls.

VIP Shuttle – Our 24 hour service for your convenience

Take advantage of the peace and tranquillity, in the modern business jets and helicopters used by Heli Transair EAS for the VIP shuttle, to work effectively. Heli Transair EAS’ 24-hour service guarantees prompt processing of your request.

Short notice use of the VIP shuttle service is available through the standby system. If you have missed a flight, your flight is cancelled or you are stuck in a traffic jam – Heli Transair EAS’ VIP shuttle service is available daily for your convenience to bring you to your destination nevertheless.

Service and customer satisfaction are the top priority of the VIP shuttle. Thus, with the business jet, you can also rely on a flexible and customised VIP shuttle service according to your needs. On request, Heli Transair EAS also assumes the overall coordination of your business trip, organises the catering, as well as your onward journey from the destination airport by rental car or limousine.

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