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Multi Crew Co-operation (MCC)

Multi Crew Co-operation (MCC)

If everything is to run smoothly in the air, the cockpit crew must work together perfectly. In this course, we impart the necessary knowledge and skills for teamwork among the flight crew (Multi Crew Co-operation). The MCC course is required for piloting helicopters crewed by 2 pilots under instrument and visual flight rules.

Training Content

Practical Training 

When applicable to flights under Visual Flight Rules (VFR): 15 hours in the FNPT-II flight simulator.

When applicable to flights under Instrumental Flight Ratings (IFR): 20 hours in the FNPT-II flight simulator.

As part of an integrated ATPL(H) VRF training, the practical training period can be reduced by 5 hours.

The MCC training can ideally be combined with the initial acquisition of a type rating for helicopters with 2 pilots. Practical training can then be reduced up to 7 hours (at MCC/VFR) or respectively up to 10 hours (at MCC/IFR). Requirement: The same simulator is used for type rating and MCC training.

Theory Training

The theoretical training comprises 25 hours.

You need to provide a certificate of successful completion of an MCC course, if you take the practical exam where 2 pilot operations are conducted. The course must be completed within 6 months.

Multi crew cooperation (Flightsimulator)
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