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Helicopter Pre-Buy Inspection
Pre-buy inspection for Helicopters from professionals:

Definitely the right decision

Would you like to purchase a helicopter? And would like to save yourself unpleasant after-purchase surprises? This is quite simple: Take one of our technicians with you to the pre-buy inspection! He will put the helicopter to the acid test in a check lasting several hours. Thereafter, you are in any case definitely smarter. You will know for example  

  • whether the documentation is consistent ,
  • in what condition are the helicopter and its components,
  • whether the price is reasonable or if renegotiation makes sense, and
  • what maintenance and inspection costs are to be expected in the next 2 years.

Of course, we will also provide information about the cost of putting the helicopter in operation. Expenditure on imports, cargo and airworthiness certification, including all maintenance are calculated for you just as reliably as the installation of special equipment. This allows you to conclude the transaction with a peaceful mind and conscience and focus on what matters most: the anticipation!

*** Simply convincing
  • 25 years of maintenance and repair experience
  • We inspect Robinson Helicopter, Guimbal Helicopter and Airbus Helicopter types
  • Flexible ground readiness worldwide at a fixed price
  • Expert advice
  • Maximum attention to safety and quality
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