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Type Rating for Helicopters

Type Rating for Helicopters

A type rating entitles you to fly a particular helicopter type. This type rating is entered on your pilot licence and it must be renewed at specified intervals. At Heli Transair, it is possible to take the exam for different helicopters types. 


  • Pilot licence PPL(H), CPL(H) or ATPL(H)
  • Preparatory course for the first issue of a type rating for multi-engine helicopters according to Appendix 1 to JAR-FCL 2.255

Single Engine Type Ratings SEP/T(H)

  • Robinson R44 (10 flight hours + proficiency check)
  • Guimbal Cabri G2 (5 flight hours + proficiency check)
  • Eurocopter EC 120 (5 flight hours + proficiency check)

Multi Engine Type Rating MET(H)

  • Agusta A109S Grand (8 flight hours + proficiency check)

Beware! The law does not make provision for a single licence entry. If you acquire the type rating for the Agusta A109 type rating on the Agusta models A, A2 or C, you receive the rating labelled A109. However, these types are only occasionally used in commercial operations. For a type rating on an Agusta A109 labelled E, S or SP, you receive the type entry AW109 on your licence. A later upgrade of training from A109 to AW109 (so-called differential training) is not possible – In each case, it is a completely separate type rating!

Currently, various flight schools offer one type rating for the Agusta A109. At Heli Transair, you acquire the rights AW 109 for helicopter types, which are widely used in commercial aviation in Europe. Please consider this when making your decision for the right flight school.

If you already have a type rating for a multi-engine helicopter, you will get a credit towards the acquisition of another MET(H) type.

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