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Video Analysis - Helicopter pilot licence
Error detection:

Best via video analysis!

Whether student pilots, newly appointed pilot or old hand in the cockpit: Small errors in machine operation can creep up on every pilot. That is exactly why, as the first flight school in Europe, Heli Transair has introduced video analysis. After all, we aspire to guarantee you the best pilot training!

With video analysis, we ensure that errors do not have a chance to establish themselves. This is especially interesting in emergency procedures such as the auto-rotation, where as a good pilot, you should master these moves offhand…

  • Four cameras inside and outside the helicopter record your flight performance exactly
  • Even the smallest errors can be analysed in detail
  • Specially tailored exercises are used to improve your flight behaviour 

Video analysis can also be used if you already have a helicopter pilot licence: We will be pleased to assist you in the further improvement of your piloting skills!

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