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Why Heli Transair?

There are many good reasons…

Why Heli Transair Helicopter School?

... why you should do your pilot training at Heli Transair – some of those reasons are summarised here!

  • Price transparency: We have no hidden costs and no expensive surprises!
  • Experienced instructors with several hundred or thousand hours of flight time as instructors
  • Our full-time instructors teach on 4 different helicopter types – you can choose between Guimbal Cabri G2, Robinson R44, Eurocopter EC 120 and Agusta A109S Grand!
  • Specialised theory teacher: All of our instructors are proven experts in their fields, and teach their respective subjects for CPL(H) and ATPL(H) (Commercial pilot or Airline Transport Pilot Licence)
  • We guarantee optimal care in individual lessons - no mass processing!
  • Our large modern fleet allows for an individual, customised scheduling – scheduling problems are unknown to us! 
  • Training in Germany in the Rhine-Main area and Neuhausen ob Eck close to international airports
  • We train more than 35 student pilots per year – with a very high success rate!
  • Training rooms, maintenance facility, hangar and helicopters - all under one roof directly at the airport
  • Training experience since 1988
  • Our flight school is operated as a full-time main business
  • We have internal, full-time experts and instructors
  • We are one of the few approved training organisations (ATO) in Germany: we offer PPL(H), CPL(H), ATPL(H), FI(H), IR(H), MCC, type ratings, FI advanced training, safety training
  • Start is possible at any time
  • See for yourself: View our helicopters, training rooms and lounges – we are open for you 365 days a year, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.!
  • We have all necessary licences and resources for courses we offer: we do not use third-party companies or their licences. Our experience lies in our company and we are pleased to pass it onto you
  • We train in Germany, where the majority of professional pilots will initially fly
  • In our own maintenance facility, you can experience inspections and maintenance work first hand – an invaluable advantage for understanding the technology
  • Our video analysis from 4 different cameras allows us targeted and effective flight briefings and debriefings
  • With our electronic student’s file, you can get an overview of your current training status at any time. You can tell whether you are on target and where your strengths and weaknesses lie – just log in
  • In the future, most pilots will not be able to get by without simulator training. At Heli Transair, it is already an essential part of your pilot training
  • Other benefits of simulator training: We are able to reconstruct flying situations, correct errors and immediately thereafter train the correct procedures – flying in bad weather, emergency or radio navigation
  • After your training, you can charter a helicopter from us and head for destinations of your choice - or embark with us on exciting Heli-Tours!
With Heli Transair to dream job: Co-operation and Contacts

If you want to turn your passion into a profession, then you are in the right place: We co-operate with other helicopter companies so that you can achieve a successful career start. In recent years, we have secured places for former student pilots at companies including Euroheli and the HELIX airlines. For them, the training has paid off very quickly: They are long since on assignment in Germany and all over Europe... Vacancies for professional helicopter pilots are rare and coveted – you too can profit from our valuable network and our excellent reputation in the industry!

Peter Nowotny, Managing Director, Euroheli Helicopter Services

We are glad to have found a strong partner in Heli Transair: Heli Transair charters our helicopters and assumes responsibility for their maintenance. By working closely together, our companies have regular contact – therefore, we of course also know that the training at Heli Transair is of a very high standard. Especially for young pilots with little flying experience, a sound professional training is important – at Heli Transair, we can rely on their recommendations of dedicated pilots with flying instinct.
Peter Nowotny, Managing Director, Euroheli Helicopter Services

Tilman Frohmaier, Managing Director, HELIX Fluggesellschaft

HELIX helicopters and Heli Transair have a long-standing partnership. The decisive factor is the good reputation that Heli Transair holds as a flight school in Germany. The co-operation has proven to be very beneficial to us so far: Not only do we work closely together in the charter business, but we can also draw on a pool of young, excellently-trained pilots. Thus far, we have had very good experiences with former student pilots from Heli Transair - in the future, our company will gladly appoint pilots who have successfully completed their training at Heli Transair.
Tilman Frohmaier, Managing Director, HELIX Fluggesellschaft

Dirk Herr, Managing Director, Heli Transair

Since I came into contact with helicopter flying for the first time in 1986, the fascination has never let me go. Flying a helicopter with all its facets has become a big part of my life – today, with Heli Transair, I manage a successful company that continually increases its team of pilots. Therefore, I closely observe our student pilots: Upon completion of training, those who show commitment, can either be placed or offered career prospects within the company. It is important to me that young pilots are used in accordance with their training and skills: Here, you fly the helicopter type on which you were trained. And with full responsibility – and not as a co-pilot – so that your first job is an exciting challenge. Rely on facts that can be confirmed by our employees. Talk to Mr. Sandmann, Mr. Morawa, Mr. Sarholz, Mr. Rötschke or Mr. Puls. They were all trained at Heli Transair and are now firmly integrated into our team. Our experience speaks for your safety: over the years, we have flown 23,000 flight hours training new pilots. With a high level of commitment during your training, you too can put yourself forward for a job at Heli Transair. We welcome you.
Dirk Herr, Managing Director, Heli Transair

Invest in your future – with us you have a strong and experienced partner at your side. We are pleased to personally inform you about the professional helicopter pilot training.

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