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Your Customised Helicopter
Time for a new coat of paint?

Helicopter Modifications

Would you like to show your colours with new exterior paintwork for your helicopter? Would you like to show style with leather upholstery in the cockpit? Do you value safety and would like to upgrade your helicopter with a GPS or float system? We take care of all renovation and modification requests on your helicopter, and regardless how specialised they are. Our experienced team will give you detailed advice, provide ideas, offer design proposals and implement your wishes with utmost care.

Of course, we only use high quality materials that are certified for aviation use. We perform all work in our workshop and if required, recruit specialised companies with whom we have successfully worked for years. For you, this means the best service and highest quality from a single source.

*** Simply convincing
  • Extensive remodelling services for equipment and furnishings
  • Highest attention to quality
  • Expert advice and design proposals
  • All materials EASA certified for aviation
  • Proven partner network
  • Fair prices: big impact for little money
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